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An exceptional powder coating company, servicing the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California, since 2000.


Jesus P.

“Knowing what I want, but not seeing it ever done right in my opinion, I’d consider myself a tad bit picky.  I wanted to powder coat my factory rims and was highly recommended to All Bay Powder Coating by a trustworthy source.

Upon meeting Lupe, it seemed as if he could see what I was thinking and knew exactly how to do it with mad confidence.   Pricing is exactly what you get.  Except I feel I got a great deal with exceptional results and quality!  You want it done right and save yourself some major time knowing you have an expert at work for you?  Go see Lupe and his team!   You won’t be let down!”

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Sushil S.

“Had additional parts done here with Lupe.  Never disappoints.  Does an excellent job.  At this point, I’ve done the entire undercarriage, including engine parts.  Everything turned out great.”

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Marco V.

“Lupe is the man!  I called All Bay Powder Coatings wondering if they could sand blast the bottom of my car due to surface rust.  Lupe told me that yes, they could sand blast the bottom of my vehicle but it would be beyond expensive and difficult to make it feasible.  Lupe steered me in the right direction when it comes to taking care of the rust on the bottom of my vehicle and was extremely honest and helpful.  Even though we may never do business together, the dedication towards customer satisfaction is what makes Lupe above the rest when it comes to sandblasting, powder coating, and giving honest recommendations on your vehicle!”

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Tim S.

“I have used Lupe and All Bay Powder Coatings several times over 10 years on little jobs, mostly vehicle wheels.  He is always easy to work with, and has been able to squeeze me into the production schedule with a few days of notice.

The workmanship is obvious, don’t make them skimp on the prep-work or rush them with a 4 hour turnaround, let them do the best practices and it’ll turn out great.

Always a good result with these people, happy to refer anyone to them and I was reminded to write this review after doing just that.”

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Simon M.

“In the last twenty some odd years I have had hundreds of items powder coated.  Along the way I have worked with many powder coating companies.  The formula has always been the same and is summed up in one phrase.  “You get what you pay for”.  What you get from Lupe and his team is unmatched quality and attention to detail.  If you are looking for cheap then All Bay may not be the place for you, but if you want a job that looks great and will last then give them a call.
I had a custom rear bumper I built for my SUV powder coated.  The finish and coverage is excellent.  I have paid the same for such an item else where and it did not look nearly as good and took weeks to get back.  All Bay had this back to me in two days.”

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Mike J.

“This is a great shop!  The owner Lupe is very nice and took the time to help me find the right color I was looking for.  The turnaround time was great, he offered to have it done in days for a quick pickup!”

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