In the part of the twentieth century, efforts to resolve problems resulting from the use of liquid paints — bubbling, running, and uneven textures — led a European company to develop powder coating.

Powder coating is a painting process that, when applied correctly and professionally, leaves a beautiful and durable protective finish. Barring any severe extraneous circumstances or misuse, the coating can prevent deterioration such as rust or corrosion.

Throughout the past two decades, powder coating has gained tremendous acceptance in North America.  Initially as a solution to the environmentally destructive emission of VOCs that result from the use of solvent propelled liquid paints. Today, because of it’s recognizable quality, range of available colors and textures, well-documented weathering, and abrasion and corrosion resistance, it’s a highly desirable high end service.

Although powder coatings can be applied to other materials such as wood, plastic, and rock, our company specializes in metal coating.